What is ChristFM Concerts?

ChristFM Concerts is a public school outreach ministry focused on communicating the gospel message of Jesus Christ to the next generation. For the past 5 years, we have been administering the gospel message of Jesus Christ to thousands of students within the Southern California Public School System based upon invitation to be on campus. We work closely with bible clubs, teachers, the local church, and other public school outreach organizations such as National School Project, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes in order to reach the next generation within public schools. We are a 501(c3) non profit organization, funded by donors who believe in the great commission in which we follow given by Jesus Christ Himself in Matthew 28:18-20. Our vision and goal is to communicate the gospel message of Christ, giving every student an opportunity to receive forgiveness and eternal life becoming born again through Jesus, while connecting students with bible club campus mentors for discipleship, or working along side the local church to plug in new disciples for essential discipleship. ChristFM Concerts is governed by Jesus Christ through His Word, and biblically held accountable by sitting Board Member Senior Pastors such as Pastor David Zamora of Living Way Fontana, and Pastor Andre Bribiesca of Calvary Chapel Arcadia. For any further information regarding this ministry, please email us @ info@christfmconcerts.com.