ChristFM is only interested in "LUNCH TIME" outreach events at this time. 

Preferably in your School Gym, Auditorium or Classroom.

What We Do

1. ChristFM provides a Guest Speaker, Bible Teacher, Youth Pastor or Pastor to speak at your public school outreach event to communicate the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

3. ChristFM provides free pizza for up to 400 students, with a bottled watered drink. ChristFM also provides free "Life Books", (Gospel of John) to provide to all of your students who respond to the gospel message.

2. ChristFM provides a free hip-hop concert, with a complete state of the art sound system, microphones and bass, accompanied by one of our own Christian hip-hop ministry artists to perform at your public school outreach.

ChristFM Concerts is completely dedicated to the communication of the gospel message of Jesus Christ at public school outreaches. ChristFM provides a FREE public school outreach package called the "Life Tour", which is 3 fold: